July 28, 2011

spotlight on...onesummer oh

Onesummer viene dalla California settentrionale:sin da bambina ha cantato con i suoi genitori in una  country and western band, e si è dedicata alla musica tutta la sua vita.

Onesummer Oh "the Voice" e il suo  mega groovin' "Girl Power" Show deliziano il suo pubblico inworld con un mix di Blues, Rock, Ballads, Country ed anche “Broadway style”....  

Alcuni dicono che ha una voce  sexy !Altri dicono che ha una voce che “ruggisce” o che riesce a 
risvegliare i morti!!!

Coming from northern California, Onesummer was a child performer with her parents
country and western band, and has been around music all her life.
Now singing for her counsins band in real life blues and rock .  

Onesummer Oh "the Voice" with her mega groovin' "Girl Power" Show !!!
Blues, Rock, Ballads, Country and even Broadway style.... she serves it all !!
Come on the journey won't you??

Some say she have a sexy voice! Some say she have a voice that growls !! Some even say she has a voice that can wake up the dead..   Hope you can join us and make
up your own mind!! From nothern California in the valley OneSummer Oh  wants to rock your world . Looking forwards to seing  you all   tonight ..  
"OneSummer is different and refreshing. Staying away from standard covers and mixing up a lot of blues and rock and the fancy stuff ! A change from the folksy guitar you see a lot of here."

Here below our interview...

First of all some words about you:where are you from?   

I was born and raised in Northern California

How long have you been playing music?  

 All my life

What instruments do you play?

 I play the guitar

How would you describe your style?  

Variety Of Styles  Sounds And Eclectic

How prolific are you?

 Musically speaking, I am very prolific!

What do you spend the most time on; music or lyrics?

Both I must feel the music  first then I  have to learn and the lyrics at which time I must make the song my own.

Which acts have most inspired you?

Janis Joplin has been my main  source of inspiration

Where do you get ideas for songs/pieces of music?

Friends and family ask me for songs they would like to hear.

Except for other musicians what else inspires you?  

Art and going to museums

What has influenced you to get your to where you are today musically?

 Friends and family .. All my family plays music and they inspire me.

Which song would you most like to have written?

People Get Ready

Let's start spending some words about SL : how did you discover it?

 A friend of mine told me  about it so  I took a peak in and loved it .

What brought you inworld?

Some  friends wh were alredy in SL.

Did you ever think to use your real name for what you usually do in Second Life?
use my name that I use for my graphics and my family calls me for a nick name .

What you like to do here in Second Life when you are not playing?

 I love to meet people from around the world and  learn more about them and their country

Do you like shopping or going to music concerts or art exhibits?  

I am not a good shopper! I do love going to concerts to hear people either sing or play music .

:Do you think SL can be a valid showcase for your RL works?

For me no since I would not use it as a showcase .. but I do feel maybe some could find that it could help them .

In SL you have opened a live music venue:can you explain to us why did you start this virtual adventure and what are your aims, business or just fun?

I do have a club  AWWRadio.. I own a licences radio station and our goal is to bring people together through music for a better understanding of one another .

Do you use other kind of digital promotions?

 I use myspace  

Where do you see yourself a year from now:will Second Life still exist?

 I see myself as a very happy and grateful person having met interesting  people ..  and attending more more more music concerts ..

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