August 1, 2011

Mats Milev

Where are you from?

Well first of all, i would like to Introduce myself. My name in real life is Guy Noel and in Second Life I perform as  Mats Milev. I am a singer-songwriter coming from Luxembourg. It's a very tiny country. They call it it the Heart of Europe.

How long have you been playing music?

Well the question is, at what stage did I think that I was able to play it ... I started, as mostly Kids do, practicing every day in order to be able to play some chords. I remember that I have an old guitar with only one string, i think it was the G side...I played it day and night until my girlfriend bought me a new one. Thanks to her ! So it took some years finally to be able to join a Band. But at that time, another Band member told me that i had a very good that's how i started to become a Singer and a guitarist. If i remember well, i was 20 at that time.

Let's start spending some words about SL :how did you discover SL? what brought you inworld?

I came into Sl due to a later friend called Cyberpiper, a well known inworld musican.
I remember that once I was sitting at home  reading some magazines when I found a very nice report about him, who was used to  playing in a virtual World in front of people from all over the Globe, but in front of his Computer. At that time, streaming wasn't so popular to the people and i found it very interesting. We met later in Sl and became friends. I remember that it was very hard to find out how to stream, which hardware and programs to use. I asked many people in Sl and a lot of them were very helpful. I played my first gig over the computer mic...oh God ! it sounded terrible and awful!. Then  I finally found a stream program for Mac, called : Nicecast. It has a lot of features where you can mix your guitar and voice sound.

Did you ever think to use your real name for what you usually do in Second Life?

Of course. My music is my passion. People should also know my real name as I am selling my music also. It is available on Itunes and on amazon. I’m also distributing it inworld in Sl. I am presenting my originals in Sl when i play and that's why people should know my real name too.

I am juse country who wt a Singer-Songwriter from a littlants to share his original music with people from everywhere. A musician without this one and only dream..i haven't met him yet if you know what I mean

Can you describe your experience in SL:what did you like to do when you were not playing?did you like to go to live music events or to art exhibits?

Of course, my main reason for Sl was music. That is why I am trying to follow and listen to every artist in Sl. I am mostly standing in the back so people can't see me..i don't know why..but i am doing this also in my real life  when I attend to some gig  ..don't ask me why !
I liked very much going to concerts of Ayden Kruh who is not inworld anymore I guess
I like so much  also the music of Craig Lyons. I’ve been  listening  a lot of concerts of Aminius Writer who is a very talented Artist too, even if he’s mainly focused   on covers. I once sent him my cd to his home and when i arrived at his Gig in Sl he was covering a song of mine.... I felt so proud of it, since it seemed to me that people started appreciating my original music!!

What has influenced you to get your to where you are today musically?

I started playing in Sl around 2007 but I did only covers at that time. I was not that much able to write  original songs.
A friend helped me...she was a fan of mine, she never missed But at that time there was a woman from the Uk following me to every Gig  played :unfortunately I cannot remember her name, but...that’s what friends are for, so... Once, she just said to me,” your music makes me feel good every time I listen to it “and that  was a very talented and gifted musician. She asked me why i didn't play my own songs and she convinced me to start writing. Due to her, my life music changed.I got a cd now, over 20 original songs.

Do you think SL could be a valid showcase for your RL works?
No, i don't think so.

How would you describe your style?
I think my style would fall into Rock, Pop, Folk with a touch of melancholy in it.

Which are the sources of your inspiration?
The music of David Gray, Damien Rice just to name a few

You have just released your last CD:in which is it different from your previous ones?
I have released my first CD whose title wasis  ' Let Me Be Myself'. It is a Extended version of 4 songs that I wrote these songs in a time when i felt not that good. I took advantage of that and started to write. These are the most sincere times when your white paper starts to get filled with honest words coming from the heart.

Do you use other kind of digital promotions?
I started to use also Ustream last year so people can see me when I am playing. These concerts are mostly streamed together with Sl. I announce these concerts usually over my Facebook acount.

Where do you see yourself a year from now:will Second Life still exist?

I don't see myself much different in a year. I hope i will write my 12 songs a year and will record them on my next album.
I think Secondlife is very useful for artists, musicians like me in order to promote themselves but it is also very tired if you need to play in irregular hours. Means accepting Gigs at a much later hour just to reach more people with your music. But that is another thing where musicians in Sl surely agree with me. Doing this Gig after gig will let you make feeling very tired in your real life
I think people are still afraid to come into Sl because they think they will become addicted to it....and that's true :)
Best of luck
Guy Noel ( a.k.a Mats Milev )
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