February 5, 2011

strummer swansong

 Relax to the live music of STRUMMER SWANSONG; a veteran RL/SL performer. The concerts include an eclectic mix of contemporary acoustic folk music, soulful ballads, meaningful and rare covers performed with a relaxed style and sensitivity. If you love to relax and listen to high quality music, then you will enjoy STRUMMER SWANSONG.

Strummer was part of a team that set up a highly successful Unplugged venue in his home town. The weekly concerts ran for nearly 10 years and featured local artists performing in a wide range of musical styles. Prior to the arrival of Unplugged, the venue had been home to several up and coming artists, the most notable being Mark Knopfler in his pre Dire Straits days.

Tech stuff: The RL strummer plays a Takamine EN-10 Accoustic/Electric (SL version is an ENA-10c). He broadcasts into SL via Winamp / Shoutcast / Wirecast / Logitech 2 meg/pixel web cam and mixes guitar and vocal (Samson C15 condenser mic) with an Edirol UA-25EX USB Portable Audio Interface. The most recent addition is a Behringer XENYX 1002FX Premium Mixer with reverb effects built in. The aim is to produce a clean, rich, clear sound with a good dynamic range and no distortion.

STRUMMER SWANSONG cantante e cantautore,esegue nei suoi concerti un eclettico mix di musica acustica contemporanea, ballate intense, preziose covers piene di fascino, sfoggiando una sensibilità davvero priva di rivali in Second Life.
STRUMMER ha una voce intensa accompagnata da una meravigliosa chitarra acustica.
Strummer si esibisce da tempo in vari club in RL .
Se amate la musica dal vivo di alta qualità apprezzerete l'esibizione di Strummer e sicuramente lo seguirete nei suoi altri concerti inworld!