August 4, 2011

Spotlight on Tb Andel


TB  (aka Joao Frazao) è un musicista portoghese che suona un tipo raffinato di world music, risultante dalla contaminazione del tradizionale fado portoghese con influenze di jazz e di musica afro.Il suo strumento è l'ukulele elettrico che non è originario come molti pensano delle isole Hawaii, ma lì giunse nel 1879 insieme ad una nave proveniente da Madeira ,con a bordo 419 emigranti destinati a lavorare nei campi di canne da zucchero.Per festeggiare l'arrivo dopo 4 mesi e 15,000 miglia di viaggio in mare, Joao Fernandes, uno di quei lavoratori in cerca di fortuna,cominciò a rallegrare i compagni suonando la sua braguinha (questo il nome portoghese dello strumento).Affascinati dal suono cristallino provocato dalle agili dita saltellanti fra le corda, gli indigeni giunti sul molo apprezzarono l'inatteso concerto e subito ribattezzarono lo strumento col nome di ukulele, che in hawaiano significa "pulce saltellante".TB Andel è un musicista professionista che ha fatto concerti in tutto il mondo, dal Nord America all'India ,dall'Africa a ll'Europa, accompagnato dai migliori musicisti della sua terra, animato dal desiderio di diffonderne la cultura attraverso la musica.Nel suo tour virtuale ripropone il medesimo repertorio,basato sia sui suoi pezzi originali che sulle musiche folk tradizionali completamente riarrangiate in chiave personale.La sua è una musica che difficilmente abbandona la memoria una volta ascoltata...

 TB Andel is a wonderfully energetic musician with the beautiful and traditional rich sound coming from the beautiful Portugal!!
His style of World Music is based on Portuguese Folk Music with a original touch of jazz, fado and afro music.
Played with a hand crafted Electric Ukulele bringing great clearity with the love of music he brings to all listening.
TB is a experienced and professional musician playing around the world for the last 24 years with his original music and also keeping Portuguese Tradition alive!!
TB Andels music is a different and wonderful sound from anything you have ever heard and TB is looking forward to sharing his love with everyone in SecondLife!!

This is the friendly interview I had with him ...

Do you want me to use your real name?/
 You can use my RL name of course :) its the RL musician who is behind TB Andel  so theres no problem at all call me João Frazão as well :)

Where are you from?/
 I'm from Portugal but I live in England at the moment.

How long have you been playing music?/
 I've been playing music for 29 years.. During all this years I've been playing with many well-known portuguese singers ( Rita Guerra, Roberto Leal, João Afonso and more... ) touring all over the world with some of them. I've been making some studio work as well as technician. I mixed and mastered "Joana Rios" CD  and several other CDs 

What instruments do you play?
 Well my main instrument is Guitar, i started playing guitar with 13 years old... but i also play electric ukulele [ this isntrument is designed by me and builted for me... its unique :) ] , eletric bass and Piano [ this 2 instruments im not great eheh but i play enaugh to record my backing tracks... on piano sometimes i need midi editing help ehehehe and of course i use technology.. samplers midi programming and audio editing and mastering.

How did you discover SL?
 Here it is a funny story.... first time i heared about SL it was in a TV show... im also a web programmer.. so i always spent a lot of time on computers, one day i was about to sleep ( my 6 AM   ) and I was eating before going to bed, I turned on my TV and I found a TV program that was talking about a brand new  "game" on t internet... well my "computer freak side" didn't let me go bed and I watched the program... at the the end of    came back to my computer again to install SL instead going to sleep bed ! So well I am here now playing my music ( some original, portuguese folk music and now some blues and rock as well )... and of course I become SL addicted  !

What has influenced you to get your to where you are today musically?/
 Mainly my instinct. I always felt music like my main way to communicate. About influences... I got some... I've always been listening  some Jazz, classical, some rock... loads of world music ,whch is my passion , but let me tell you during this 29 years playing music I never tried to copy any of the guitar players I listen to... I think I will never be able to feel the same as they feel.. so I guess it's better for me to play what I feel , and I hope that people will like it.

Do you think SL can be a valid showcase for your RL works?
 Sure! through SL, RL people can listen my music played live. Like in RL, every show in SL is different, musician mood to play depends on the crowd mood, just like in RL. I guess musician can make real good RL contacts here in SL to play RL. I'm still looking for my opportunities. I have some hundreds of people here in SL following  me in  every show,. I guess that if  I will play  RL next to their home town, I hopefully  think they will be there for me....

How would you describe your style?
 Hard  question! I don't know. I guess as TB Andel i would descibe my self as a world music player. I play portuguese folk music and original music. The portuguese folk music have a lot of influencies ( arabic, african, celtic) so i guess i mix a bit of all this styles in my music.  

Which are the sources of your inspiration?
 EVERYTHING !!!! all around me inspire me... if I feel sad for any reason i'll make sad music if I feel romantic I'll make romantic music etc etc... Every little thing might make me feel some music... thats why I love music I guess, I can express my self through sounds

Do you want to use your RL name?
 Sure, no problem: João Frazão 

Do you use other kind of digital promotions?
 Yes  to
You can visite my website and my Youtube:

Any thing else you would like to add?
I would like to thank to all my fans SL and RL for their support all this time, and thanks to you too for the promotion your making to "João Frazão" aka TB Andel  and to my love Aphrodaite Andel for her HUGE pacience and support 

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