October 2, 2010

Born Again Pagans

 The Born Again Pagans inviano il loro streaming dal vivo direttamente dai Coolsounds & Magick Studios in Amsterdam, Olanda, e fanno tours in SL fin dall'estate del 2008.
 Reggae roots? Caspita... sì!.
The Born Again Pagans sono Madame Amoufhaz ai synths, percussioni e ...follia varia e hexx Triskaidekaphobia alla voce, chitarre, percussioni, loopmachines e...follia varia ;-).
Consigliamo a tutti di non perdere i loro concerti!
Aderire al loro fan group in SL è un buon modo per conoscere le date dei loro eventi inworld. 
Il loro primo  album dal vivo è stato pubblicato in un giorno di luna piena,il 9 Aprile 2009. Divertente pensare a come vola il tempo!

Streaming live and direct from the Coolsounds & Magick Studios in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, The Born Again Pagans have been touring the Grid since the summer of 2008. Reggae roots? Hell yeah.
The Born Again Pagans are Madame Amoufhaz on synths, percussion and assorted madness and hexx Triskaidekaphobia on vocals, guitars, percussion, loopmachines and assorted madness.
Wanna check us out? Joining our SL group is a very good way of getting to know exactly where and when you can find us. If you're maxed out on groups already, Just check the calendar on our website http://bornagainpagans.wordpress.com.
Is it one of these days when you just don't feel like going inworld to catch a show, simply tell your player to connect to http://s4.secondstreams.com:8452 and listen in while you're washing the dishes or something.
There's also some music samples at http://www.myspace.com/thebornagainpagans. Our first (live) album was  released on Full Moon's day, April 9, 2009. Funny how time flies.

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