May 4, 2010

JaNa KYoMooN

JaNa KYoMooN è una musicista di Second Life  che di tanto in tanto si esibisce in RL come Jan Pulsford.

JaNa KYoMooN suona come solista con una serie di improvvisazioni basate su un mix di elettronica ed   with ambient  con riflessi ritmici che sono stati descritti come   "una galleria di paesaggi e dipinti sonori  ." I suoi quadri sonori contengono delle venature di pianoforte e  synths intinti di eco di musiac world jazz e triphop"
Potete ascoltare la sua musica qui


JaNa KYoMooN is a Second Life Musician who occasionally ventures into RL as Jan Pulsford.

JaNa KYoMooN performs as a solo artist mixing electronica with ambient improvisations and rhythmic reflections in what has been described as "a gallery of soundscapes and audio paintings." Her pictures are sketched with reflective piano and synths tinged with echoes of world jazz and triphop"
Her tunes available here

JaNa KYoMooN calls herself a Sound escapist and Musician for Peace. She occasionally draws from her RL electronica project "aTHeNa BLue" to mix drum and bass with her evocative meditative music

Check JaNa KYoMooN's calendar for dates and further info

JaNa's first SL musical adventure was as part of the Peace Park Trio in 2006-7 playing at the Music ALL Music Peace Park, a sanctuary built as a place of inner and global peace through music and the arts.

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Pictures and event blogs

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Highlights include: Music for Winter Festivals, Yuri's Night, Relay for Life, French Telethon, E-fest, Tibet Day, Solstice, When Worlds Collide, Gibson Island, Space Day, Requiem 4 Elvis + Jesus;Performing with Cypress Rosewood, Torben Asp, Trowzer Boa, Trefies Kaufman and DJ Miles Elventhauer. Weekly Sunday night show @ 9PM Mandolin Reign. Music for the Soul Festival @ the music ALL music Peace Park.

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